About the event

The project Digital Event part of NeTourWork, offers advanced technology solutions, modern scientists’ profile and challenges such as the spread of viruses, open new perspectives on digital science conferences.

Our company, NeTourWork, specialized in the creation of digital events, such as:

  • Digital Conferences
  • Virtual Online Trainings
  • Webinars

offer you the opportunity to organize your conference in a digital environment without restrictions, without the fear of cancellation and at reduced cost.

The New Era
of Conferences and Events

Be part of the biggest global trend in the field of conferences and events.

At a time when the biggest exhibitions and conferences worldwide are cancelled, make the difference and create a digital conference with all the benefits of a conventional conference.

We support you all the way during the creation of your digital conference.

  • 40% of marketing executives and 31% of conference organizers worldwide also hold digital, virtual events (Center for Exhibition Industry Research).
  • 500 million users worldwide maintain an account in virtual environment.
  • Event organizers worldwide replace live events with digital ones (Scofidio Research).
  • 74.3% of users in a digital event say they are satisfied with the experience.

Our Services

At Digital Event, we are breaking new ground in digital conferences. Our exciting new tool exploits modern technologies to enable presentations to be made in a multimedia environment during a conference, webinar of online meeting. It can also be used to immerse guests in an interactive experience.

We offer:

Conference interactiveness

  • Modern way of participation
  • Dynamic presentation style
  • Interactive interference of participants
  • Use of avatars for participants who wish so
  • Gamification for collecting points based on attendance
  • Quizzes after speeches
  • Voting for the best presentation and awards
  • Creative presentation of the conference
  • Advertising options of spots, banners, sponsor pages

Digital support of participants

  • Automated suggestion and update for attending according to the participants’ choices
  • Online registration via online form
  • Awarding of electronic personalized attendance certificate
  • Provision of the participants’ details (name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, position, company) to the organizing company
  • List of guests – participants
  • Viewing the list of guests – participants
  • Simultaneous interpretation

Digital presentation

  • Dynamic posting of each speaker’s details
  • Digital promotion stands of companies
  • List of sponsoring companies
  • Digital exposure of participating companies
  • Individual page for each company with its profile

Information material of the conference

  • Articles and news related to the conference
  • Overall conference schedule per day and hour
  • Data Warehouse with presentations only for registered members and participants
  • Asynchronous conference attendance
  • Content gradation

Digital screening and digital front-desk of the conference

  • Newsletter campaign for promoting the conference
  • Social media support for the conference
  • Digital support for registrations through modern CRM systems
  • Recording activity of online participant